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I am often asked by customers as they come into the store. "Where do you get all of this stuff?" (some don't use as nice of words as "stuff")

That's if they did not read my story on my website yet.

When I started my business I would allways say about 90 percent of it comes from Storage Unit Auctions, the other 10 percent comes from community donations. Now I say about 15 percent of it comes from Storage Unit Auctions, the other 85 percent comes from community donations. I think it is a great thing when a customer says to me: "I just love your little store" or "Your prices are great, Do you take donations?" I love when customers see someone like me trying to help the community and in turn help me help the community by bringing items in that they no longer want or need.

We no longer restrict ourselves to storage unit auctions to obtain items, and will remove leftover items from garage sales, estate sales, basements, and attics at no charge, as well as pick up unwanted items for realty companies and property managers. Doing our part to help the environment keeping unwanted items out of the landfills.

Most Donors don't ask but once in a while I get asked questions about me NOT being a non for profit but accepting donations.

I am Straight forward about it. Most doners see my prices and read on my website how much I like to help the community, but if you don't know already but would like to know in other ways I help the community:

The very closest orginizationto my store would be Unity Lutheran Church, by the way they help the homeless and other community members, there located at 1025 E. Oklahoma Avenue.

Whenever one of their clients needs clothes, especially for a job interview, a Wedding, or a Funeral, they call me and then send their client over, and I give them dress clothes for FREE.

Another organization I like to help and they help me is:

Habitat for Huminity

From reading my website or talking to me you would know how much I like to keep items out of land fills. Especially items that can be reused, recycled, or rehomed.

I originally contacted Habitat for Humanity to see what they do with their clothing items that can no be reused. In storage units and donations I receive a lot of clothing items that are either torn ripped stained, or there are zippers broken or buttons missing. Habitat for Humanity had told me that they have a company that they use, and the company would come to me and pick up the clothes, Weigh the clothes , and shred the clothes(to make something else out of the clothing) and Habitat for Humanity gets the credit for it.

In the past I had donated 25 boxes of unusable clothing, a few weeks before that I donated 55 boxes of unusable clothing, and I am waiting for the company to pick up another donation of 15 boxes of clothing.

There are other organizations I also help.

If you work with an organization, and think I can help your orginization.

Please contact me.