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I asked the Question:

What would you like to know about?

What would you like to see here?

So far I have received a great response. Clients, friends, neighbors, and family would like to know what is it like. They get so excited to discuss it. "Is it like we see on TV??? "Do you make a lot of MONEY"??? "What is the best thing you have found"? "What's the WORST thing you've found"? "Are the findings they show on TV staged"? I have been working on a plan. I am going to start a Video Web Blog to document some of my own and some of some friends findings at storage auctions that are in Milwaukee and surounding areas. And yes you read that correctly I said friend. I know the name of the show is "Storage Wars" but I can tell you, "up front" most of what you see on that show is drama for the camera. I have "Friends" in the business. We help each other, trade some of what we find or sell things that the other wants or knows they can sell. Yes, I have people ask all the time, "Where are these auctions"? "Do you need a license to participate"? "How do you find storage auctions"? I am glad to answer any of your questions.