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It all began when I watched a show called Storage Wars. I began going to Storage Unit Auctions and put in my bids and won a few times! I found some very interesting items in the storage units and wanted to find more. I sold some items on ebay and craigslist but still had so many other interesting items that I didn't know what to do with, so after having some yard sales and selling at flea markets and being quite successful with that I decided to open my own business. I liked to pass on the savings from the items I find at the storage units to my customers. There were so many treasures out there that some people no longer wanted and other people were looking for, that it was fun to watch them as they were thrifty in my store and found the interesting items that brought back memories and started stories to tell to others. My parents helped me out some days especially if I had to leave to go to an auction or pick up a donation. We worked together to sort through the items we received, priced them and put them on the shelves. We found some wonderful things in our quest and were always looking for someone who needs those items and want to acquire them at a good price. 

My business helped the community by being a smaller store so I could give a greater discount because our overhead costs were less then the larger stores. In these tough economic times we were about helping the community by supplying them with low cost merchandise so they could have clothes, household items, tools, and special things for their house at a reasonable price they could afford. The store supported three generations to include My parents, my wife and myself, and our two sons.

What I like most about my community is that in the first week I was open, we had about 30 visitors a day from the neighborhood and surrounding community. They came to say hello, introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighborhood. They were happy to see what we had in the store to offer them and they were glad to see this type of store in the area. We were open from October 22nd 2011 to September 2012.

My wife had left me October 18th 2012. It was a rough divorce on me and my two son's. Now we are moving on to the next chapter of our lives.

I am still in operation, but just online. People still contact me to offer donations, and I like to help them out if I can. I pick up good items that can be "re-used" again. Something that someone else can give a new life to. If you would like me to pick something up for you please call 414-502-0229 or email me at Shane@MilwaukeeThrift.com


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